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Coldstream Hills

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For almost three decades, Coldstream Hills has built an enviable reputation for producing outstanding and distinctive wines from the Yarra Valley; in particular the hero varieties of the region, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

The overriding winemaking philosophy is, and always has been, to express the individuality and nuance of each vineyard and to craft wines that demonstrate the uniqueness and pedigree of the Yarra Valley.

The team of winemakers, led by Chief Winemaker Andrew Fleming, achieves this by drawing on a combination of both modern and traditional techniques in the vineyard and the winery.

In the vineyard all aspects of viticulture are managed with skill and precision. Such viticultural exactitude includes an emphasis on pruning techniques, shoot positioning, fruit thinning if required, and regular assessment of vineyards throughout the growing season. Coldstream Hills winemakers are in a constant dialogue with the vineyard team and community of growers, both crucial to the performance of the vineyards and quality of the fruit.

In the winery, the meticulous approach to winemaking continues. All batches are handled separately to allow close monitoring of the progress of each parcel: a minimal intervention approach is employed, allowing as much of the vineyard to be expressed in the wines; appropriate use of winemaking techniques to add complexity depending on the varying needs of the variety; and the careful use of high quality oak.

This winemaking philosophy is managed by a highly credentialed and experienced team with a shared vision and passion for winemaking.

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