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Brumfield Winery

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Life for Brumfield Winery started just over 20 years ago, long before we became an official winery. Smaller wineries offered us so much. We picked grapes, absorbed the passion of those we met, and made small batches of wine in seriously humble conditions. Later oenology and vitculture study helped take the wines to a higher level.

We moved to the Yarra Valley still making wine. We lived and made wine at a beautiful property on Brumfield Rd in Healesville, choosing BRUMFIELD as the name of our winemaking operations; the name has been a good choice and is very much a part of us.

An opportunity to lease a cellar door in Yering allowed us to expand our dream of making wine in small batches and providing a unique, personal tasting experience. We’ve also had the opportunity to meet some wonderful visitors.

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