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Yarra Valley Winery Tours

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Yarra Valley Winery Tours invites you to experience the best food and wine of the Yarra Valley.

Yarra Valley Winery Tours was established in 1992 and is located in the Yarra Valley region. We take you to iconic or boutique wineries with local driver/guides.

Choose from personalised Private tours or join our flexible Public tours. Our friendly staff will arrange a tour to best suit you.

The Yarra Valley, one hour east of Melbourne, is recognised for its world class, cool climate wineries located in the valley floor surrounded by the panoramic mountains of the Great Dividing Ranges.Experience the Yarra Valley with our local guides. Join with others on a public tour or pamper yourself with a private tour. Suitable for friends, travellers, individuals, couples and groups for social or corporate occasions. Pick up and return from Melbourne, the Yarra Valley and most suburbs. Includes standard wine tastings and a delicious lunch. Special events, accommodation packages and gift vouchers available.

Brewery Tours
We are most fortunate to have four micro/boutique brewers in the Yarra Valley producing stunning brews.

These tours are for private groups and run in the same format as our winery tours except you are visiting the fine brewers of the Yarra Valley.

Taste beer and enjoy a hearty lunch and we do the driving for you.
This is not a pub crawl but a great way to sample beers and go behind the scenes of this wonderful industry.

Alternatively, we can combine breweries into our wineries tours for the ‘best of both worlds’.

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