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St Huberts Vineyard

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The St Huberts vineyard is placed on one of the best viticultural sites in the Yarra Valley.

  • The land is gently sloping, thus maximizing drainage and preventing the vines from getting “wet feet” leading to even spring growth and greater vine balance.
  • The northwest aspect of the vineyard maximises the exposure to the sun, vital for ripening in a cool climate region.
  • Rainfall is about 750mm per annum. Due to the fact that most of the rainfall is winter dominated, the likelihood of botrytis setting in during harvest is minimized.

The Vineyard is hand pruned and mostly trained to Vertically Shoot Positioned trellis, with foliage wires lifted by hand.  Although this is labour intensive it allows individual management of the different varieties to maximise quality.

The soil is well drained grey clay loam over a clay layer of 500 — 600mm depth, however it is relatively deficient in some nutrients, thus the vines are not overly vigorous. Fertilizer is applied every two — three years to replace the nutrients that the vines take out of the soil.

The oldest vines on the property were planted in 1966 and generally yield low crops with intense fruit flavour and great depth of colour. A tribute to the quality is the assertion by most winemakers in the area that these vines produce the best Cabernet Sauvignon in the Yarra Valley.

To maximise fruit exposure to the sun, a number of trellis types are used, including Scott Henry and the Hanging Cane trellis. Although some of these systems are labour intensive, they assist in improving fruit quality, yield and reduce the need for sprays.

Our overall objective is to maximize the potential of what is believed to be one of the best vineyard sites in the Yarra Valley.

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