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Levantine Hill Estate

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Levantine Hill is the perfect merger of two vineyards right in the heart of the Yarra Valley. On the one side, a vineyard producing superior grapes since the 1990s; on the other, lovingly planted family blocks right alongside a Truffiére surrounding our Homestead. Together, this combined estate is pure testament to the passion and toil of dedicated human hands and man’s tenuous relationship with the nurturing love of Mother Nature.

It all began against the odds, with experts saying the terrain was far too steep and the concealed underlying rocky outcrops would make it impossible to plant vines in such an elevated location. But we saw the possible. The location was incredible, the soil profile was perfect. So with unwavering determination, and the use of a diamond-tipped drilling rig to core through the remove rocks, Levantine Hill began to take perfect shape. Today, the difficult terrain is the key strength of this family vineyard, which will only ever bottle premium wines in impeccable years.

Rising from the shores of the Yarra River at 75 meters and peaking at 225 meters above sea level, Levantine Hill vines thrive in looking out over steep clay loam slopes, at similar elevations to the Grand Cru vineyards of Chablis, France. The slopes, amphitheatres, valleys and orientation combine to create a distinct micro-climate in each paddock. This environment, along with the ultra-low yielding vines, puts us, and our vines, in an incredibly unique and advantageous position compared to the rest of the valley.

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