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Fergusson Winery & Restaurant

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Our old vines receive the personal, nurturing attention of our youngest son, Jeremy. Nourished with fresh air, gentle sun and some of Australia’s best soils, these luscious fruits are handpicked and destined to be crafted into our superb, full bodied estate wines.

Fergusson Winery and Restaurant is located on the outskirts of Melbourne in the unique and scenic Yarra Valley, home to over 50 wineries and 110 vineyards. The district, which was first planted to vines in 1838, is internationally renowned for the production of premium quality table wines.

The Fergusson Vineyard has been in operation for over 45 years. The Fergusson family, with our enthusiastic and talented team have the experience to make your visit a memorable and worthwhile occasion. Whether it is a simple day out, a weekend away, or celebrating the most romantic and special day of your life we will happily share our joy with you!

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